Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Desert Giveaway!

Isn't it fascinating the lengths people go to for free stuff?  I include myself in this because I am blogging today not only to inform the public but to get an extra entry into a fabulous GF giveaway!  Was scanning through tweets this morning and came across GlutenFreeDude's tweet about this giveaway.  Clicked on it and it takes you to The Lucky Lady Bug's blog post about the giveaway.  Clicked on the Mommy Googles link and VOILA!  So basically, just click on Mommy Googles if you're reading this and want to enter!  I just had to share my frantic yet enthusiastic hunt for the entry information!

Here's what you get: 4 samples, one of each of the GF desert mixes, 2 free coupons, a tote bag, a magnetic grocery list pad & pen.  Kind of awesome right?  Ok, maybe I'm a little too excited about this! HA!  When you enter at Mommy Googles, you have to post a gluten free recipe to get at least one entry.  If you're not gluten free & you don't know one, don't fret.  I would recommend googling gluten free recipes, pick out one that you fancy and post it!  You never know what you might find in the process!  Expand your horizons people! (yes, I did just write that)

These GF products by Betty Crocker are brand new to the shelves and I have yet to find them in any of my surrounding grocery stores so weather I win or not, I am especially anxious to try them!  

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