Friday, March 27, 2009

Lighten Up!

Just finished reading Lighten Up - Survival Skills for People Under Pressure, by C.W. Metcalf and his wife Roma Felible.  Pretty much in the nick of time too since it's due back at the library tomorrow!  The book's copyright is 1992 but except for some early 90's statistics & a few references to people like Ronald Reagan, Bon Jovi, & Paula Abdul, one wouldn't really know the difference.  I had no special purpose for choosing this book, it began as a complete distraction to studying for the GRE!  I usually take notes as I read so I'll share below a few things I considered interesting enough to write down from my read:

For people coming out of a rough spot in their lives, recognizing the absurdities of prior behavior is essential for regarding that all - important sense of joy at being alive.

How we choose to view challenge and change dictates whether we cope or are crushed.

Take yourself lightly and your situation seriously.

It's better to look for what works before you focus on what's broken.

Those with a strong will to live consistently discipline themselves to nurture the positives life has to offer.

If we do not generate & practice reverence for the joys in life, then the miseries, wars, and backed-up septic tanks will pull us under.

Importance of a "Joy List" - Look for the moments of absurdity, laughter, and joy around you.

Being old isn't just bad or just good, it isn't just sad or just funny.  Truth is that being older is similar to the rest of your life; some of it is Heaven on earth, and then there's the plain ol' Mondays.

The author includes a lot of funny stories in delivering his techniques for lightening up!  It's a good read and an easy read for the "out of practice" so to speak (like me and pretty much the majority of the country).  It's refreshing to read something for enjoyment that isn't a textbook or a People mag!  Don't underestimate me though, is always a click away!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Slack-meyster the blogger

HI-YA, HI-YA!  I have been such an absent blogger, this I know!  Just call me the slackster.  I've had so much to do, some of it business, some of it pleasure so I have been the ultimate slackerator!  I've been filling my time with a number of activities like applying to grad school, checking out and reading books from the library (shut up, this was an activity for me!), booking a gals trip to Vegas, attending numerous happy hours, taking care of my mom after her foot surgery (emphasis on the happy hours after this one!), working, & working out (or a weak ass attempt at working out).  

...did I mention the St. Patty's Day celebration down in the D?  
Here's my Irish partner in crime, LMO and her ultra celebratory hat!  This is how our afternoon started out and the rest is pretty much history..... 

LMO = "Where's the parade"?
C = "I dunno LMO, where IS the parade"?
LMO = "I don't see it but it's supposed to be RIGHT HERE!"
C = Uh, stay calm LMO but I think we're in the wrong spot."
LMO = "Screw it C, let's find a bar!"
C = "I'm pickin up what you're throwin down sister!"

Health is going so-so at the moment.  Officially went off the Entocort (steroids) on March 4th and sure enough began to have all of my classic Celiac symptoms again.  The joint pains pretty much blow so I'm contemplating my next move and keeping a close eye on everything else in the meanwhile.  I have this process of complete and utter frustration and pissed-off'ness (a word? maybe...) followed by some calmness and focus!  Keep on a truckin right? to enjoy the 1st weekend of spring!