Monday, June 30, 2008

Says so on the box!...

Ok, I'm not all about back to back blogs but I just have to put my excitement out into the earth today!  I was sitting at work today, working (A.K.A...searching through my sweet read blogs) when I came across a post over at goingglutenfree.  In this lovely post she talks about General Mills Rice Chex being Gluten Free.  Remembering this post later on after work, I decided to scan the cereal isle at Target and I'll be damned if it isn't totally TRUE!  It it labeled very clearly on the box, which is a BIG deal if you know anything about labeling and the "hell" of reading and figuring out labels.  And how much easier is it now for people like me that can just go grab it and eat it!...After purchase of course.  I snagged up the biggest box I could find  and had some for dinner.  I am pumped.

Today also marks day 1 of a little journey of my own.  My lovely GI specialist diagnosed me on Friday with something called Refractory Sprue.  My body hasn't been responding to the Celiac diet for quite some time now so I decided to take action.  Well, long story's been a long process with lots of tests and traveling and here we are!  I'll be taking a low dosage steroid (Entocort EC) for 6 months to a year and hope I don't have hair on my back or turn into a man by the end of this!  I don't think I'd make a very hot man...but I might get more action!  Sorry to get all "medical" on the readers but I just thought I'd school ya a bit!  What-What!  Expand your brains.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hustle & Bustle...

Well the month of June has certainly been an insane one in the "busy" department!  There's just so much to do during the summer and I never want to miss out on anything so I try to do it all, which usually doesn't end up working out too well for my sanity.  Anyways, an update on fun events of June... 

The 1st weekend was fun, got my IKEA cherry popped.  Whoa....IKEA.  We had so much fun trying to figure the place out and once we did it was shop till you drop!  I will post pics of my new sweet bookshelf once it is put together.  After IKEA we went to this awesome steakhouse, J. Alexander's.  So, delish and I thuroughly enjoyed the martinis after the long shopping day (as pictured)!  

The first annual Back Yard Games were on the 21st and boy was it fun!  We were up late Friday tearing up Alicia & Matt's yard & building horseshoe pits but everything went off as planned. 

I went to dinner with my Royal Oak buddies Lynn & Nicole on Thursday of this week and then jetted off to Cedar Point on Friday morning with my Law Firm.  Ok, I haven't been to Cedar Point in a while and I feared I wouldn't be able to ride the coasters because I am getting older and I vomit much easier but I had a blast and rode a lot of them and a couple new ones I really liked.  My fave:  the Millennium Force, Least Fave & ride that scared the crap out of me, but proud that I tried it:  Top Thrill Dragster.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all dads everywhere!  I hope you all got to do whatever it is you do on this day.  I didn't get to see my dad today but I'm sure he milked it for all it was worth!  Here we are at my 30th birthday party back in February.  Damn, we're good lookin'!  

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Don't drink and ride!

There is no better lesson that I've learned throughout the years! Sometimes old habits are hard to break! Last Saturday I had the privilage of walking to the park with my best friend, her sister, niece & nephew, her grandparents, and her dad & his wife. It was a grand ol' family time at the park. Spent some time on the slide and monkey bars. I also played my 1st BlongoBall game. This game is fun! It will also be one of our featured games at the First Annual Back Yard Games this year and I can't wait to play it again!

Here I am trying to get rid of a spider (without killing it) that made it's way up to the very top of the slide. It was an intense moment for the kids and I but he finally made it onto the smallest piece of stick in the world and I tossed him into the grass.

I also just want to give a shout out and congrats to my girl & her husband over at the Barron Blog on the birth of their twins! Another shout out and congrats to my girl over at momoftwinz on the news of her impending Aunt-hood! So great to hear about all the procreating! Well done!