Sunday, July 12, 2009

B-B-B-Birthday Shout Out!

Happy Birthday to my dearest friend AC!  Are we getting older & wiser?  Hmmm, well at least one of the two for sure!  We've had (and continue to have) so many good, bad, and just plain craZZZY times!  

(new school)
(old school with the Tom Cruise circa Top Gun framed photo hanging on the wall)
(marti gras party or just your average Saturday night back in the day?  We'll never know.)

Happy Birthday to you!!!


Anonymous said...

That almost made me cry!!! Those pictures are crazy, I'm luck to have you for a friend!


momoftwinz said...

OH good lord...the pictures! Love it! I hope you and AC had a celebatory drink(s)!!!

Knitterella said...

Happy belated AC!