Friday, August 29, 2008

Please don't take my sunshine away.

Ok, so I'm back in the friggin saddle, the computer is fixed.  It's been fixed for a couple of weeks, I've just been busy workin & playin.  I have all the fixins to back up my work.  2 GB USB, a pack of 50 CD-R's for pics, now I just need to know HOW to get everything there!  I refuse to let this computer make me look like an idiot so I will figure it out.

Well, summer is quickly coming to a close and I'm pretty sad about this.  Not that I don't enjoy fall, winter, & spring but.....I don't enjoy fall, winter, & spring.  So I've decided to include a few of my most memorable moments from the last few weeks in order to help me deal with the upcoming seasons...

(Ok, these 3 were last month but I couldn't resist.  Pretending I'm a bandit?  Maybe...)

(AC & I couldn't resist going down & playing on the track after watching the race...yeah we get these bright ideas after we've a had a couple race track margaritas)

(Mom came for a weekend visit a couple weeks ago and we walked around downtown to check out all the art.  Look real hard...squint!  Here she is posing with Alexander Calder's famous La Grande Vitesse.)

(...and the great ol' Au Sable trip.  What can I say?  An oldy but ALWAYS a goodie as far as summer events go!  What a great time!)

On that note, everyone have a great Labor Day weekend and enjoy the sunshine while it's still around!  GO ON...quit readin this silly blog and get outside!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mama's Fallen Apple

I had a great brainstorm going for my next blog on my wild & crazy Au Sable weekend but brainstorming is about as far as I got because late Monday night my beloved Mac took a nose dive into corruption world. Thank goodness I was only about 100 words into my paper at the time (MAJOR procrastination on my part!). Technician Charlie (my new BFF) at the Apple store is taking good care of her and tring to re-install most of her hard drive. He has been able to save most of my docs, thank God because I have ALL of my psych papers from the last 2 years on there w/NO backup! Wow, did I feel like a complete dumb ass when that came up! Needless to say backing up my info is at the TIPPY TOP of my to do list now! I might still lose the majority of my pics but Charlie will do his best...and that's all I can ask. Pray for Mama's fallen Apple blogworld! I will be back (hopefully) in 3 to 5 business days!