Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Blaze of 2008 is OUT

Ok, so before I start blogging about my favorite recipes, music, crafts, friends & family, cool stuff, things that annoy me, things that don't annoy me, blah, blah, blah, I must tell you about the blaze of 2008 that occurred last weekend.  My goal is to try and post a fab video or pic along w/this post but if I don't succeed don't hate me.  So I'm coming out of my favorite mexican casa downstate, Qdoba, and walk upon an electrical box that is buzzing quite profusely and also starting to spark quite profusely.  Well, in the words of a wise anchorman, "things escalated quickly".  I was in awe, just starring...until my "gent" decided to call 911 and drag me to the truck for safety purposes.  Still in awe at the escalation of things and anxiously timing the fire departments arrival, we decided to start frantically taking pictures and videos w/our phones.  I also realized I had my camera so I indulged in a video or two with that.  I was upset that the building was burning a little but also quite enthralled in the action.  What is it with that?  The fire department showed up, broke into the building and turned the power off.  See, it was an electrical fire so they couldn't just spray it w/the hose!  HA!  Don't laugh.  

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I did it world! I am a blogger!

I have no idea what I'm doing but here it goes! I have been wanting to join the blog world for a while now but just never took the time to sit and do it. I also fear I will have nothing to blog about since I have no children and I have no husband! All of my wonderful friends who blog have husbands, businesses, projects, children, children on the way, twins, etc... But then I thought, "hey I'm not totally boring, I have stuff going on...sort of! Also, what an awesome way to keep in touch with everyone who is far away! I hope you are all happy and proud I am here. I'm sure most of my blogs will just be babble but who cares? I'm going to give it a shot...for all of you that make this look so easy and fun! I'm comin' after you if it isn't (you know who you are)! HA! So, if you can send any tips or tricks of the trade my way, feel free!