Thursday, October 9, 2008

Damn, I'm cute!

Ok, so I've been being a MAJOR slacker on my blog lately.  If you've been boycotting me I understand.  The truth is I've been really busy (yes, believe it or not single people are busy too! and now that I have a bunch of recent pics I have to update my camera software to go with my new updated Apple software!  Ahh, the joys of technology.  Put it this way, something on the computer that would take the average 15 year old these days about 15 seconds will take me about 3 months!  In the mean time I found a few "old school" pics to tide us all over until I get settled.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed...

Believe it or not this is my Uncle Matt.  He tortures me now but this proves at one time we got along!  My head is averaged sized, HE has the tiny head....and large teeth if I may say.

What can I say.....I loved Barbie.  She was my everything.

And who can resist some Super Golden Crisp!!?  I'm sure my mother will be proud of this one!!...ha.

Well I hope you enjoy and I'll be working on my updates.  Enjoy the weekend everyone!


momoftwinz said...

OMG!! I have never seen pics of you that young! I love the curlers especially. I hate to break it to ya...but your head was really big! :-)

The Barron Family said...

Ditto what 'momoftwinz' said.... Sweet curlers!