Monday, July 21, 2008

Is it Friday yet??!...

Happy Monday everyone! Is it me or is this summer flying by? It will be over before we know it! To reminisce a little, AC's 30th birthday festivities were last weekend. Seriously SO much fun! We started the day off by going to get mani-pedi's on top of a little shopping for something to accentuate our 30 year old hotness! The evening began with some dinner & drinks at Churchill's in downtown GR. By far the best meal I've had this year! The head chef, Tommy, visited our group of 17 often. He dolled up and delivered the cakes, and he was particularly catering to my need for a Gluten Free meal. If anyone ever gets to GR go there to eat if you can. The atmophere is fun and modern and the staff are wonderful! We ended the evening with some dancing at Club Moxie, pretending we were 25 again! I was going to post some sweet normal pics but I've decided to pick one or two of my favorite funny ones from the evening...

(I was pretty proud of my cakes even though we had a tiny mishap w/one of them!  The chef jazzed it up and fixed it good!)

(Not so much MC pretending he's in a Sears catalog, but the "open legged skirt" behind him...seriously.)

AC:  "we are SO hotter than that 24 year old blonde with fake boobs"
CML:  "uhmmm KNOW it guurrrl, let's go shake our money makers!"

This past weekend consisted of the 1st Annual GR Bar Crawl. I have not done this many restaurant/bar related events in a while so don't go thinkin I'm out on the town every night or anything! It just happened to end up this way...HONEST! We started out at an awesome tapas restaurant, San Chez. They too had a Gluten Free menu that I could order from! I took absolutely NO pictures from the Bar Crawl but had an absolutely wonderful time and met a lot of new people! BIG shout out to AN & JN for the invite and also AC & MC for taking me along! I am looking forward to a BIG couple weeks ahead with a work event at the Berlin Raceway this weekend and the BIG Oscoda canoe trip the following weekend. Ahhhh.....I can smell the Au Sable and jello shots already! Can't wait! In the mean time, I will try not to go bonkers!


momoftwinz said...

My fave pic is definitely MC posing for the Sears catalog unknowingly... TOO FUNNY! Those cakes are pretty impressive. So glad to hear AC had a great time on her b-day!

Knitterella said...

The cakes are so cute!

Happy Birthday AC!

Ahhhh, canoeing on the Au Sable - so fun!