Thursday, July 31, 2008

Addiction...NO laughing matter

So, call it an epiphany or simply a realization...but I'm addicted to "the joe". Coffee that is. I'm not particularly proud of it but I am. I think I realized this last week as I ran out of my fabulous Gevalia French Vanilla blend. I went 2 days without "the joe" and by Thursday morning I realized that I was sort of transforming, if I may, into another person...a scary "joeless" person! And this week I catch myself thinking, "OMG, how am I going to be able to get my "joe" before I push off on the river this weekend?" Shouldn't I be worried about more pressing things? "Whoa", I thought, "who am I?" I never in my life thought I'd get addicted. I didn't even like the stuff a year ago! Being a psych major I attempted to diagnose myself. "Maybe it's bipolar disorder, maybe it's schizophrenia!" Nope. I had "joe deprived" disorder. It's a complicated disorder with many different reported cases and symptoms. I realized I had to accept my diagnosis and move on. So that very day I set out to find a store bought brand of "joe", see I'm spoiled and I've never purchased "the joe" from a store...I get my dear Gevalia sent to me! I purchased the Seattle's Best Vanilla Bean to try and I have to say I love it! This "joe" along w/my Vanilla Nut "joe" creamer is the perfect combo percription! So for now, no intervention needed.


momoftwinz said...

It happens to the best of us...luckily I am only addicted to Folgers. Welcome to the club!

Knitterella said...

I'm pretty addicted myself but when you mentioned worrying about getting your 'joe' before you get on the river… yeah, that's where you lost me. You got it BAD!

(hope some crazy way we run into you on the river this weekend!)