Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Now that's my kind of mac & cheese!

Happy belated Valentine's Day to everyone!  I was studying all weekend for my big GRE exam yesterday.  On Sunday I needed something quick to make so I could get back to relearning all of the math I failed in high school & college.  Ahhh, Trader Joe's mac & cheese...I hope it tastes good....cross your fingers!
mmmmmmmm...............holy crap, this is amazing!  Very close to Kraft mac & cheese as a matter of fact!  I'm very impressed you delightful box of mac & cheese!  Celiac's if you miss Kraft I highly recommend you give the Trader Joe's brand a try.  And on the up side, the rice pasta is so much better for you than the enriched pasta!  Sold at all Trader Joe's stores so visit their website to see of there's a store near you.  One box only set me back $1.99.  How cool is that?

***Be careful because it's made on equipment shared with peanuts, tree nuts, and soy.  I am fairly sensitive to soy but I took a small risk and I was fine.  Only you know you so you be the judge.

I hope to someday take my best shot at a homemade GF mac & cheese but until then I am happy to explore and find my "from the box" favorites!

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