Monday, December 1, 2008

Snow is crap.

It used to be so pretty...until cold and snow and winter.

We knew it would eventually happen and it did. Winter has officially cracked the whip on us. I loved winter as a child. Going sledding, toboggining, ice skating, snow days! But now, I'd like to say I'm a middle of the road kind of gal when it comes to winter/snow/ice/slush/salt etc... BUT I'm not. I try my darndest to enjoy it because sometimes it is pretty and whatnot but it's gross and cold and that's it. I have compiled a list of 5 "LOVES" and 5 "HATES" about the wintery weather/season.
1. Snow men - they really are cool at any age.
2. The ability to buy sweaters and let your gut out for 3 to 4 months!
3. Christmas cards with pictures on them - or just Christmas cards in general.
4. A legit excuse to stay in.
5. Bailey's & coffee.
1. Salt trucks. Everything about em' - hate em'
2. People who like to show off their 4 wheel drive - Hello, you're scaring the crap out of everyone else! Plus you still look like a dumb ass.
3. Broken wipers.
4. Gross slushy crap and road salt all over your nice dress clothes.
5. The inability to properly enjoy a slurpee (or any delightful frozen drink for that matter).


momoftwinz said...

Oh my goodness!! The slurpee thing for sure!!! Also, we were attacked by a salt truck this morning!! As I turned he whizzed by us and plowed snow right onto the back of the van. Scared the crap out of LnL...damn em'!

Knitterella said...

Nice list. Very good points there. And yeah, I hate 4-wheel drive show off too!

Amy Nicholas said...

Snow people rock! Snow trucks suck! You always make me laugh, thank you.